IMAGINATION: Image in Action; I Magi (Of my) Nation; Gini in a Bottle; Magic…

Imagination is everything! If you can imagine it, then it can be!

It all starts with you; you are exploring your intelligent creativity.

Opening-up the window to your passions and desires and letting them drop to the floor, picking them up one by one to see all that is in store.

Some images you may want to stack back on the shelf, but keep them rolling, just in case you need some back-up help.

Imagination is built up thoughts which stem from your ideas, it is like cutting a sweet onion and peeling back the layers.

Poof, it is magic, another image appears. Another here, another there, man I am loving these ideas.

Imagination is keeping your images in action, creating your reality, do not get drowned by the distractions.

Your images should be flowing to you and only you should be controlling the raptures, because you will always see your thoughts transform into action…lights, camera, action.

Wordplay: Imagination – a thought in motion; a motion picture created by (you) a star


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