The All – Stars

We are all stars, you just got to find out which star you are.

Are you a shining star, a shooting star, a falling star, or a rising star?

Are you the star at the top of your tree of life shining bright, receiving your presents through your inward lights?

Are you controlling your own programs, channeling in your own images, and sticking to your own visions?

Or are you falling for the tell-lies-through visions – television?

Are you falling for the system’s guiding light(s) that keeps blinding every star that comes in its sight?

Or are you always on point, steady rising to the top, looking down on your situations, just in case you got to block?

Are you boxed-in, feeling like no new angles in sight?

It is time to square-up and rise to new heights.

We are all stars; you just got to know how you are shining your light.

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