Sins are your sensations.

Once you master your senses (sins) you become a sensate – sense eight – senses heightened.

At first, I thought height and eight were a homonym, words composed of the same letters. But after taking a closer look I over-stand it even better.

The letter H is eighth in the English alphabet. H is added to eight to make height, giving you extra range so you can continue your flight.

The number eight is linked to harmony and balance, as your senses heightened, so will your light brighten. 

Your sensations are connected to your seven chakras and sends signals to the seven glands in your body, which are composed of many nations once your chakras are awakened.

The glands are connected to your organs. Your body will create melodic heavenly harmonies if taken care of by your higher cells (self); or your body will create chaotic noises that will make you want to yell, and feel like you are in hell, if they are controlled by the lower half of your-self (cells).

Balanced chakras help you stay in rhythm to your beat and make sure you do not overheat.

These are your energetic fields, your portal gates, which can cause stress, heart attacks, and anxiety if blocked, some may even go into shock.

Let your instincts from your gut guide you & not your sin-sations. Some may even say instincts are inspirations.

Inspired rational feelings from within, the first thought is the guide that will always win. But if you do not listen to that voice within, those instincts will always get tugged by your higher-self strings.

Master your sense stations, your own mini-nations.

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