The only warmth you gone feel is from their steel,

so do not try to run because you may end up getting killed.

We are all placed on their pole where they try to keep a strong hold,

and make our hearts turn from hot to cold.

They want to keep us on ice,

on the frozen end of their stick,

it is a risk so please do not move too quick.

Some of them know they are working for a system that is trying to control our sols,

while some do not have a sol or even realize their role.

…Start to become like water…melt, & see what happens,

they will say you are resisting all because you now know how to trap them.

Do not get me wrong,

some of them are nice,

but if we take off the “n’ you will still get “ice”…

…and we know “n” is also “m”,

so if we add “m” to “ice” now we get “mice”.

So, what do you think is the reason for them being nice…they mice?

They want to keep us on ice with no movement in sight.

The pol-ice.

We must protect our sols from the systems ice-cold-pole.

(*Mice looking for the cheese especially if they think you “green”,

do not be so quick to respond because they could be using you as a pawn*).

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