The Grand Rise Inn (My.Grain) (TGRI)

Dey kneading our dough to make the bread
while we outcha forgettin to feed our heads.
Telling our sails we broke
when we really just hungry instead.
We R d’masses, we Innfinity.
no “Merry X-Mas” withinn d’vicinity (facility).
“But dey still got d’kabal called Xfinity,
dat will up d’price & try to take moor of
our innerG, our innerP.”
Dat’s why we stand on our P’s, Que’s,
& cross inn our t’s to get to our seas.
We d’ol’phin,
d’ ol’ phi’ya withinn.
The pH balance,
d’eye is d’M,
& we have no end.
We d’pressure on d’membrane.
Eeen no headache or migraine,
dat’s u receive en nu grain.
Nu growth for your nu lane,
as U surf inn aNu wave,
brings en aNu tidal for your nu reign.
Another lane added to your interstate.
A faster pace for u to enter at a higher rate
and crEATe off aNu plate.
As the information cums thru d’narrowest entry space,
d’passage en your nasal connected to your temples
feels like yo’ face gone crack ento a million sprinkles.
Alas’ the door opens,
d’presshore no longer feels froze inn,
d’fresh shore drains entu your mental,
and your nu sails have becum awoke inn.
U well (will), sow en cums the nu.
Now time to transform the information
entu knowledge that will work for u,
eye think it’s called transmute…
Waaala, sum ting nu populate out d’blue.
Out of you.

Check out my nu Poetry Book on called Inherit the Beauty Within by Kelly Garner –

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