Projecting, Respecting and Protecting Love!

We were created by love, with love, for love, and to love.

The beautiful thing about this journey, this experience called life is that we all have a choice, we all have a purpose of being. It is up to us to decide which path we will take.

In discovering my purpose, I reached for the in-depth purpose of why I exist, then the passion, patience, and confidence within made my life all the worth the living.

I believe our purpose on this journey is to master the desires and the intent of unconditional love, for ourselves, for others, and for all living things that surround us. Once we begin to love ourselves unconditionally there are no limits. The peace, the freedom, and the alignment of oneself will only expand to all.

Do not reach for the stars because that you already are, reach for your beauty within which already lies in your heart; retrain your brain to realign with your heart, every second is a new start.