Flying A Kite

∞        ͌ Watching the wind ride the air waves like the figure eight, took me on a journey to a great escape. The swirling of the waves moving up and down, felt like I was floating up off the ground. I felt like a surfer riding the waves, waiting to see what destination laid ahead. … Continue reading Flying A Kite


Tears are bubbles of memory, droplets of inner g; at times acting as a contender, but somethings you don't want to remember, or put back together because it will have you feeling dismembered & make you feel like your feelings are out to getcha'. Tears are old reflections, becoming a void space because of the … Continue reading Tears


I was lost in you. The truths you gave me had me confused. I had to pull myself up out of you in order to see the truth. Not my truth or your truth, but the real proof. The true truth. The illusions I created while feeling on cloud-nine by you never precipitated, just evaporated, … Continue reading sELF