Slayinn all d'snakes in my path so eye can lay back & enjoy my grass. No more illusions (i'l.lose.ions), it's time to fast. Idc if the intimidated lasts, eye will continue to pour intimacy (entomysea), into my glass. Stay innspire & we all can blast, blast off ento aNu future where we d'ones controllinn d'cast. … Continue reading i’l.lose.ions><illusions


Bee mind full gold diggA bee fore ye push start memba to swerve d’coal diggers whoda sit inn park dey mite snatch your passions rite from ye heart like a bad cancer will take on d’dots en ye chart. Trea’d’shores litely. Sum quick to turn on you and reap you apart don't let this whirl … Continue reading Go.oN

Stone Rollo

If eye don't keep rollinI'll turn ento a Gargoylian.Eye knead that resin in my skinor I'll bee like a tree with no limbs,no fruit bearinn, no stems.Must keep that seed moisturize from withinnor I'll bee walkinn around feelinn limplike eye M draining going down a sink.Woooo, don't break, don't fold,the curvy path is filled with … Continue reading Stone Rollo

The Grand Rise Inn (My.Grain) (TGRI)

Dey kneading our dough to make the breadwhile we outcha forgettin to feed our heads.Telling our sails we brokewhen we really just hungry instead.We R d’masses, we Innfinity.no “Merry X-Mas” withinn d’vicinity (facility).“But dey still got d’kabal called Xfinity,dat will up d’price & try to take moor ofour innerG, our innerP.”Dat’s why we stand on … Continue reading The Grand Rise Inn (My.Grain) (TGRI)

Sweet Drip

I get lost in your lips,I call it the sweet drip.A waterfall of kissesfeel like laying in a bed full of flowers.Oh, how you make me wanna devour,into you,get in your skinwhere the nerves is and live.I have to stay focus and hold onor I will drift.Drift off into bliss,the sweet kisses from your lips.Taste … Continue reading Sweet Drip


Mass' scared of……no anchorto handle the masked hysteria.It's just "his-theory",a way to keep you in fairy;the inferior,but you are imperior;en pure aura.Mass' scared of……make-up;make believe is all you see.How do you think you came to be?Using their images in actionuntil they get the right reactions.Remove the scarsfrom all the stars.Soar the acresand roar at war;warrior.Mas.Stars


Only you can mold you,just wanna show you......be a good role,show you how to use your toolsso you can build your own. Inner stand the game played,keep adding to your manuel,and fly in your own plane.Switch up, change,to avoid maintenance in your lane. Keep a handle on your landing,you may slip on your runway,but keep … Continue reading Balance

Cold Thots

I am so icybut I ain't tryna freeze.Yeah, I like crystalsbut not the ones that can't see.Only diamonds can crystalize in me.Diamonds that move in the light& help perfect my sight;my fight,call it "black knight".I can see the visions in the nightlife.Slaying all the demons in the left,must stay right.Cutting the neck off the creatures,you … Continue reading Cold Thots