Light Load

Learning how to range my trembles,caressing my newly found angles.Cutting corners & seeing my new handles.A new stage,it's like learning how to ride a bike;a journey to hike.Eye be flying like a kite.Flying brightI embrace this new light.Load lite.

Mustache the Catch

Must stash the bagsthey up for grabs.Does not matter your degreewhat matters is can you see the sea.We're all shapes from the circle.Singular solutions.Your level is not an illusion.Your boat is out to sea,stay aware of where you be,where you are.Keep watch.Know your distance so you know how far.How far is near?Near is here & … Continue reading Mustache the Catch


Loving you is sweetit's real neat;like no wrinkles on a bedsheet,I don't sleep.I just rest in the nestlike birds be.Gettin' up early for the wormsa real treatnext to my cup of tea.Honey make it real sweetI make sure it's locally.Let's get to the money &have fun with the funds b'.Loving you is real sweet.I'm talking … Continue reading CurrentSea

Ento Wishin

Inner wishin, I be fishin.No Fahrenheit, I’m going the distance.Intuition……in……tuition?Don’t mind me, I’m just fishin.Inner wishin, enter wishin.I got my list en and entered wishin,now I sit back and listen to my…i…entowisdom.Inner wishin.Enter wishin.Ento wisdom.


Connected to the Moon, a MoonStar I am indeed,or a monster for those who don’t know what I mean. My darkness reflects my shadows,the dark space tucked in my mind,I recently lost my pace, and I got left behind. I tried to create some magicto get me back on track,but all that didwas take me … Continue reading MoonStar


Fill up a space, find the areas where you can relate, and then create. Once you are done with that place find a route to escape. It is good to stay connected but not attached. Keep the lessons from the experience so you won't have to look back. The blessings will keep you on track … Continue reading Less-in

Ma Star

With new shifts comes slackness but you have to find out how to crack it; find a new opening with no brackets, sometimes you have to chisel your way out of your blackness. If you keep at it with practice one day you will become its master.