Sins are your sensations. Once you master your senses (sins) you become a sensate – sense eight – senses heightened. At first, I thought height and eight were a homonym, words composed of the same letters. But after taking a closer look I over-stand it even better. The letter H is eighth in the English … Continue reading Sin-sations

The All – Stars

We are all stars, you just got to find out which star you are. Are you a shining star, a shooting star, a falling star, or a rising star? Are you the star at the top of your tree of life shining bright, receiving your presents through your inward lights? Are you controlling your own … Continue reading The All – Stars

On Point

Always look down on your situation, do not sit-and-wait in it; sit-you-waiting. Try not to put yourself in a corner, boxing yourself in. Rise above it. Stay on god(head) for any square ups with situations that try to box you in. Stay high. Be at the top of the triangle looking down at the two … Continue reading On Point

FM Station(s)

1st Station: Feminine – Internal – body part Masculine – External – body part 2nd Station: Feminine – Right brain – left hemisphere of your body. Masculine – Left brain – right hemisphere of your body 3rd Station: Feminine – Emotional – way of thinking – curvilinear – hips, thighs. Masculine – Logical – way … Continue reading FM Station(s)

A – Y.O.U.

A star in a solar system. A star in a container. A sol-(st)ar in a body. A body of water, being:                 –in stillness,                 –in motion, or                 –in (the deep end) drowning. A hue–man being. A being with many hue(s). A being of color(s):                 –being negative (*red…) one end of the spectrum,                 –being (…*yellow, *orange, *green, *blue…) middle spectrum(s), or                 –being positive (…*violet,* purple,*white,*transparent) another end of the spectrum. A – Y.O.U...      … Continue reading A – Y.O.U.

IMAGINATION: Image in Action; I Magi (Of my) Nation; Gini in a Bottle; Magic…

Imagination is everything! If you can imagine it, then it can be! It all starts with you; you are exploring your intelligent creativity. Opening-up the window to your passions and desires and letting them drop to the floor, picking them up one by one to see all that is in store. Some images you may … Continue reading IMAGINATION: Image in Action; I Magi (Of my) Nation; Gini in a Bottle; Magic…

Float on…

Detach and become lite as a feather, you will float if you know how to withstand the weather... ...whether you should do this or whether you should do that... more indecisiveness once you know your track. Your sole will guide you on your path leading you back to your pack.


Tears are bubbles of memory, droplets of inner g; at times acting as a contender, but somethings you don't want to remember, or put back together because it will have you feeling dismembered & make you feel like your feelings are out to getcha'. Tears are old reflections, becoming a void space because of the … Continue reading Tears