First Impress-ions

Ions we use to impress an electrical current that others will ride, making the current become an event, feeling alive. First impressions sometimes give people drive but seeing things on the surface can at times be a disguise. The pressed ions explode and become vaporized, hopefully leaving remnants that will not keep blinding your sight. … Continue reading First Impress-ions

Flying A Kite

∞        ͌ Watching the wind ride the air waves like the figure eight, took me on a journey to a great escape. The swirling of the waves moving up and down, felt like I was floating up off the ground. I felt like a surfer riding the waves, waiting to see what destination laid ahead. … Continue reading Flying A Kite


Tears are bubbles of memory, droplets of inner g; at times acting as a contender, but somethings you don't want to remember, or put back together because it will have you feeling dismembered & make you feel like your feelings are out to getcha'. Tears are old reflections, becoming a void space because of the … Continue reading Tears


I was lost in you. The truths you gave me had me confused. I had to pull myself up out of you in order to see the truth. Not my truth or your truth, but the real proof. The true truth. The illusions I created while feeling on cloud-nine by you never precipitated, just evaporated, … Continue reading sELF