FM Station(s)

1st Station:

Feminine – Internal – body part

Masculine – External – body part

2nd Station:

Feminine – Right brain – left hemisphere of your body.

Masculine – Left brain – right hemisphere of your body

3rd Station:

Feminine – Emotional – way of thinking – curvilinear – hips, thighs.

Masculine – Logical – way of thinking – linear – broad shoulders.

4th Station:

Feminine – Moon (Mon) – internal reaction (sol of MON).

Masculine – Sun (Sol) – external action (SOL of mon).

5th Station:

Feminine – Eve – Evolution – female – negative.

Masculine – Adam – Atom – male – positive.

6th Station:

Feminine – Evolution split the whole into 2 – negative charge.

Masculine – Atom is whole – positive charge.

7th Station:

Feminine – Yin – the good in the bad

Masculine – Yang – the bad in the good

8th Station:

Serpent – Kundalini rising – snake rising – chakras moving up the middle – open 3rd eye aka 1st eye re-open.

9th Station:

Feminine & Masculine made whole; 2 halves made whole; SOL of MON (Solomon)

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