Sweet Drip

I get lost in your lips,
I call it the sweet drip.
A waterfall of kisses
feel like laying in a bed full of flowers.
Oh, how you make me wanna devour,
into you,
get in your skin
where the nerves is and live.
I have to stay focus and hold on
or I will drift.
Drift off into bliss,
the sweet kisses from your lips.
Taste my rainbow,
I am a brainstorm.
Have us shifting and changing into Nu forms,
baby we reborn.
As we vibrate to our highest octaves
reaching our heavens door,
we both release,
than continue to explore.
Sweet melodic harmony is at the root of our cords.
Our organs orchestrate to the beat,
into formation,
that’s the real organization,
the organs in our nations.
The drums of our hearts circulates the blood flowing,
let’s keep the beat rolling,
I like how the thoughts are boiling.
Bubbly we feel as new thoughts
transmute into our will.
You’re the alpha that makes me beta,
you make me spread like butter
no matter the platter.
You done experience me in every colour,
you make me go deep,
and fly a bit further.
That’s how lost I get in your drip,
or shall I say found from your sweet kiss.
Hmmm, you keep me lit,
your love is the shit.

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